Valentine’s day

Look Your Best This Valentine’s Day with 25% off Cut or/and Coloring

Valentine’s Day is always that time of year that reminds us of that one and only person who makes our life so much better and special. It’s also a time for all of us to be showered with love and attention and look our best while at the same time feeling our best.

To support you in feeling and looking fabulous this Valentine’s day, René will be offering a 25% discount on cut or/and coloring from February 10th until February 14th. This way you can make sure you look your best for yourself and for that special someone you’re spending this love holiday with. Be sure to book your appointment early ask René about tips to keep your hair looking better longer and always looking your best for important events.

The offer is valid only with pre-booked appointment with René at the MichaelJohn salon at 414 N Camden Drive in Beverly Hills, California 90210. Reserve your next appointment with René at (310) 278-8333 and look your best on Valentine’s day.


Janie H. Testimonial

I have been Rene’s client since 1987. My hair has gone through many incarnations in that time – long and black, salt and pepper, short and blond, medium and red.

For fun, Rene now does two different colours in my hair. I have remained faithful through the years as he is an incredible talent and is probably the most patient person on the planet. I have watched him mentor many young stylists/colourists through the years and they have all gone on to become successful in their own careers.

Rene has a big heart, is generous the services he provides as a hair stylist and colourist and wonderful as a friend. I wouldn’t think of ever going anywhere else but to wherever Rene has his chair.

Janie H.

Children of the Night

Children Of The Night

Over two decades ago, while enrolled at Santa Monica College, I got a chance to do research and write a paper on child abuse. After going through library books and examining online articles, I decided to ask my clients about the shelters for abused children in Los Angeles. It was then that I was introduced to Children Of The Night.

I set up an appointment with Dr. Lois Lee, the founder of Children Of The Night and asked her about her work and the children that were in her shelters. She was extremely open to giving me all the information I needed and also allowed me to interview one of the girls who was part of her program. After our meeting I decided to find a way to offer my support.

Many years before while taking a Dale Carnegie workshop, I remember hearing that if therapy heals from the inside out, then healing from the outside in should also be possible. I also interviewed a lawyer and a psychologist to get a better understanding of the challenges these girls were dealing with. While the programs at Children Of The Night would support them with the healing from the inside out, I would support with the outside healing and their confidence by offering my services for free.

For the past two decades, I have supported everyone at the Children Of The Night shelters by taking care of any of their beauty needs which helps regain their confidence in themselves and others and to show up beautiful and powerful in the world.

Collagen Promo

Enhance your hair color for the Holiday Season

collagenAs we’re getting closer to the Holiday Season, a lot of women are wondering about the secrets to making their color last longer as well as protecting their natural hair from the ever changing weather and making it more silky and shiny.

The benefits of the “Protex” collagen treatment are equally important for color treated hair as well as natural hair. If you color your hair, getting a collagen treatment right after the coloring will help your color stay longer as well as seal and protect your hair from dryness and breakage. If you like to keep your hair natural, then the collagen will repair any damage created by the sulfates in hair products, over washing, or constantly using hair curlers and blow dryers.

We recommend getting a collagen treatment every few weeks to support you in having the long lustrous hair you’ve always dreamed about as well as keeping it healthy and protected regardless of the weather around or the other products you may like using.

Until January 15th, 2015, the “Protex” collagen treatment is free of charge when you get a haircut or a blow dry with Rene at the Michaeljohn Salon at 414 N Camden Drive in Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Don’t forget to ask about the collagen treatment when you book your next appointment with René at (310) 278-8333 and enjoy the benefits of your new silky, shiny, and healthy hair.


Look your best for Thanksgiving with 20% off all services

thanksgiving_300x300Thanksgiving is the time of year to be grateful for everything that’s good in our lives, to be around family and friends, to make declarations for the future, and it’s also a time to take care of ourselves, to look at ways in which we can treat ourselves better.

To show gratitude for his existing long time clients as well as new and potential clients, René will work at the salon on Wednesday before Thanksgiving as well as offer a 20% discount on all services on Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This way you can make sure you look your best for the beautiful family and friends dinner and add one more thing on your list to be grateful for.

Be sure to book your appointment early as both days are expected to be very busy and make sure you ask René about tips to keep your hair looking better and always looking your best for important events. The offer is valid only with a pre-booked appointment with René at the Michaeljohn salon at 414 N Camden Drive in Beverly Hills, California 90210 and only for Tuesday November 25th and Wednesday November 26th 2014.

Reserve your next appointment with René at (310) 278-8333 and look your best this Thanksgiving season.

Kimberly Hefner

Kimberly Hefner Testimonial

KH_300x300Rene has been coloring my hair for the past 20 years. Since blonde hair is prone to breakage he uses the best products and ensures great results for healthy , shiny hair. He also is versatile. I do have a tendency to change my hair color to warmer tones and he manages to transition the color smoothly.

When I’m due for a haircut, color, blow dry, touch up or a special event Rene is always accommodating. He isn’t just my hairdresser over the past 20 years we have become friends. He is trustworthy and confidential which is extremely important . I’m fortunate to have Rene in my life . I look forward to many more years of great, vibrant color and friendship with Rene.

Kimberly Hefner Playboy

Alliance Française Annuel Gala 2014

An evening at the Alliance Française Annual Gala 2014

As a hairstylist I’m always interested in getting feedback from my customers and finding out what women are looking for in their hair products. So when Isabelle Leroux, president of Alliance Francaise invited me to their Annual Gala, I was more than happy to attend. Not only did I get a chance to spend an evening enjoying the fine wine and the amazing food with the French community, but I also got to hear their concerns about the challenges they’re having with their hair.

What I heard unanimously were a lot of concerns about dry hair, lack of shine as well as lack of volume. While living in a dry climate like Southern California can easily lead to dry hair if it’s not maintained properly, it’s important to always adapt our treatments to the type of hair as well as the climate. While there are many reasons for dry hair and lack of shine, from nutrition to the change of seasons and the changes in air humidity, the most common ones are overuse of hair coloring and shampoos containing sodium. By using a sodium free organic shampoo and a light highly nourishing conditioner like the ones from The Vandesande System, the damage can be stopped and even reversed. I have seen amazing results from The Vandesande System which repairs the damage of the hair shafts and protects them from future damage. The treatment not only protects the hair from dryness, but also leads to a shiny and lustrous hair.

When you book your next appointment with René at (310) 278-8333, don’t forget to ask about The Vandesande System and see what you can do to prevent hair dryness and lack of shine.

Monthly “Special Offer” on our products is available for online purchase.

Photo by Isabelle Felix

Take care of your hair this Fall season with a Vandesande Gift Card

Take care of your hair this Fall season with a Vandesande Gift Card

At Vandesande we know that your hair needs a little more love and attention at the change of seasons. With Fall slowly making its way into our day to day life, the air getting even dryer and the temperatures dropping just enough to give you a glimpse of the soon-to-be auburn leaves, René Vandesande offers you a Gift Card to make your hair transition easier.

Whether you’re due for a hair trim or you need that luxurious collagen treatment to make your hair even silkier, or maybe your color needs a little chestnut hue to go with the burnt color of the autumn sun, make sure you ask René for your Gift Card, share it with a friend and you both get a discount of $25 of any service over $65 and $50 of any service above $100.

The Vandesande Gift Card is valid only for appointments booked with René at the MichaelJohn Salon at 414 N Camden Drive in Beverly Hills, California 90210.

Book an appointment with René at (310) 278-8333.