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René Vandesande has worked internationally at each level of hair care over the past 30 years. Based on his extensive study of alternative medicine, including aromatherapy and Chinese traditions, René has developed and currently teaches his unique hair care system from his base in Beverly Hills, California. The Vandesande Bio-Botanical Hair Care line is the result of René’s most recent research.

The Vandesande Bio-Botanical Hair Care line draws its inspiration from the Bribi Shamans of the Talamanca Rainforest in Costa Rica. The Shamans pass on their knowledge of the healing power of plants from one generation to the next.

People from all over the world turn to the Bribri for help with their ailments where traditional medecine has failed them. While in Costa Rica, René consulted with Bribri healers, including researcher/ethnologist Ali Garcia Segura. René continues to collaborate with Mr. Garcia Segura on the Vandesande Bio-Botanical Hair Care product line.

The Skoki Center was established in 1996 to create opportunities for the Bribri and other indigenous people of the Central American rainforest, particularly to preserve the “Biosphere Reserve” of the Talamanca Mountain Range – declared “World Heritage Site” by the UNESCO in 1983.

A percentage of all proceeds from the sale of Vandesande products will be donated to the Skoki Center. The center’s mission is to help indigenous Central Americans develop community-based programs to preserve rivers, forests and cultural traditions in this remarkable and pristine region of the world.

For further information on The Skoki Center, please contact Executive President, Ali Garcia at alibri@hotmail.com

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