Alliance Française Annuel Gala 2014

An evening at the Alliance Française Annual Gala 2014

As a hairstylist I’m always interested in getting feedback from my customers and finding out what women are looking for in their hair products. So when Isabelle Leroux, president of Alliance Francaise invited me to their Annual Gala, I was more than happy to attend. Not only did I get a chance to spend an evening enjoying the fine wine and the amazing food with the French community, but I also got to hear their concerns about the challenges they’re having with their hair.

What I heard unanimously were a lot of concerns about dry hair, lack of shine as well as lack of volume. While living in a dry climate like Southern California can easily lead to dry hair if it’s not maintained properly, it’s important to always adapt our treatments to the type of hair as well as the climate. While there are many reasons for dry hair and lack of shine, from nutrition to the change of seasons and the changes in air humidity, the most common ones are overuse of hair coloring and shampoos containing sodium. By using a sodium free organic shampoo and a light highly nourishing conditioner like the ones from The Vandesande System, the damage can be stopped and even reversed. I have seen amazing results from The Vandesande System which repairs the damage of the hair shafts and protects them from future damage. The treatment not only protects the hair from dryness, but also leads to a shiny and lustrous hair.

When you book your next appointment with René at (323) 578-8774, don’t forget to ask about The Vandesande System and see what you can do to prevent hair dryness and lack of shine.

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Photo by Isabelle Felix