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Collagen Promo

Enhance your hair color for the Holiday Season

collagenAs we’re getting closer to the Holiday Season, a lot of women are wondering about the secrets to making their color last longer as well as protecting their natural hair from the ever changing weather and making it more silky and shiny.

The benefits of the “Protex” collagen treatment are equally important for color treated hair as well as natural hair. If you color your hair, getting a collagen treatment right after the coloring will help your color stay longer as well as seal and protect your hair from dryness and breakage. If you like to keep your hair natural, then the collagen will repair any damage created by the sulfates in hair products, over washing, or constantly using hair curlers and blow dryers.

We recommend getting a collagen treatment every few weeks to support you in having the long lustrous hair you’ve always dreamed about as well as keeping it healthy and protected regardless of the weather around or the other products you may like using.

Until January 15th, 2015, the “Protex” collagen treatment is free of charge when you get a haircut or a blow dry with Rene at Giuseppe Franco Salon at 350 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Don’t forget to ask about the collagen treatment when you book your next appointment with René at (323) 578-8774 and enjoy the benefits of your new silky, shiny, and healthy hair.

FALL SEASON – Special Hair Care tips

FALL SEASON – Special Hair Care tips

In Summer, the sun naturally lightens your hair so you will want to keep some of those natural highlights. My best advice for the Fall is to tone down your summer hair color a shade or two for example with rich and intense fall colors.

Don’t go darker or lighter more than two shades from your original base
Use toners on the ends instead of hair dye to keep the tips light.
Keep it rich and intense: reds, strawberry blondes, warm red-brown etc.

TRENDING HAIRSTYLE for the fall and winter

TRENDING HAIRSTYLE for the fall and winter

Disconnect between the top and the lower layer.

DISCONNECT. The disconnect can be soft or strong depending personality and age.
– Slight asymmetrical haircuts.
– Breads are added with hairstyles to create a messy look, bread mix with chignons.

But whatever the fashion, the most important is to feel good with Your own style. See Rene Vandesande for a consultation!

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SUMMERTIME – Special Hair Care tips

SUMMERTIME – Special Hair Care tips

My BEST ADVICE for this season is to WEAR a HAT and/or a SCARF. Go for the sexy look. However if you are going to be enjoying the beautiful summer sun, in addition to covering your hair:

Use a UV ray protection spray before and during sun exposure because Sea salt and UV rays damage the cuticle of your hair and strip the color. I recommend Phytoplage Sun Oil.
Never wash your hair before going for a swim and after, always rinse to eliminate drying salt buildup or chlorine.
Then wash your hair with a sodium free shampoo, like VANDESANDE Moussant, to preserve its color and natural shine.
A Protex Hair Collagen treatment creates an additional protection shield around your hair. Twice a month is ideal.

Voila! Enjoy a great summer and keep your hair healthy and shinny!