Children of the Night

Children Of The Night

Over two decades ago, while enrolled at Santa Monica College, I got a chance to do research and write a paper on child abuse. After going through library books and examining online articles, I decided to ask my clients about the shelters for abused children in Los Angeles. It was then that I was introduced to Children Of The Night.

I set up an appointment with Dr. Lois Lee, the founder of Children Of The Night and asked her about her work and the children that were in her shelters. She was extremely open to giving me all the information I needed and also allowed me to interview one of the girls who was part of her program. After our meeting I decided to find a way to offer my support.

Many years before while taking a Dale Carnegie workshop, I remember hearing that if therapy heals from the inside out, then healing from the outside in should also be possible. I also interviewed a lawyer and a psychologist to get a better understanding of the challenges these girls were dealing with. While the programs at Children Of The Night would support them with the healing from the inside out, I would support with the outside healing and their confidence by offering my services for free.

For the past two decades, I have supported everyone at the Children Of The Night shelters by taking care of any of their beauty needs which helps regain their confidence in themselves and others and to show up beautiful and powerful in the world.