The Vandesande System

The Vandesande System for Luxurious Healthy Hair
The Vandesande “3 Step Hair Care System” brings you the Magic of Nature in a Bottle for a total hair and scalp rejuvenation.

“Think of it as skin care for the scalp” – René Vandesande

Each formula is enriched with highly potent pure bio-active botanicals and fruit extracts, individually selected deep within the rainforest and used for centuries by the indigenous Bribi people.

pH-Balanced – Ideal for All Hair Types
100% Pure, Natural Botanical & Fruit Extracts
Exclusive Bio-Active Blends, Renew, Protect & Revitalize Your Hair Guaranteed


Moussant is the first step towards rejuvenated hair. Vandesande’s deep moisturizing shampoo treatment delicately cleans your hair without stripping it from any of its natural oils, your hair is instantly quenched with an infusion of pure bio active botanicals that instantly revitalizes and gives volume to your hair for long lasting body and shine.

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This unique skin care for the scalp is a “dual action” treatment combining the finest blends of volcanic clay, deep sea algae and our exclusive bio-active botanical formula to detoxify, purify and fortify your scalp and hair. The Vandesande Stimulant formula has been especially formulated to invigorate and rejuvenate your scalp and give your hair luscious body and lustrous shine.

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Our protein rich, revitalizing conditioning treatment works in seconds to detangle, protect and volumize hair. Our super light, anti-static formula is designed to use every day without leaving heavy build-up or chemical residues. Nourissant penetrates each strand with pure, bio-active botanicals resulting in superior elasticity and manageability.

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